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About us

UhuruOne, “Freedom for All”, was incepted through UmojaOne’s acquisition of Selcom Broadband limited in 2009 with the aim of transforming telecommunications industry by tackling one of the key stumbling blocks to development.

UhuruOne started by focusing on providing affordable internet access to Tanzanians and currently boasts the largest seamless Pay as You Go Wi-Fi Mesh network in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our position in the market has allowed us to work closely with the Tanzanian Government, Donors, International Partners, and Educational Institutions to develop localized access models that will address the digital divide. It is with this resolve that UhuruOne proudly stands by its motto – “The Difference


UhuruOne’s strength is derived from our diverse partnership and synergistic mélange of professionals who share an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven by business and intellectual challenges.

Our passion has allowed us to create, build, and transform telecommunication centred businesses in unprecedented ways. Our dedication to distinction has excelled the company through the corporate ranks not only in Tanzania and Africa, but worldwide.

What we Are

We are social entrepreneurs that aim to be a catalyst in reducing the digital divide by ensuring Affordability, Accessibility, and Availability of end to end broadband service in Tanzania.

UhuruOne is the first ISP in Tanzania that offers unlimited downloading without usage limits. UhuruOne is also the first ISP with electronic prepaid vouchers available in over 900 locations in Tanzania and a connect and go model.


UhuruOne provides a holistic approach to connecting the underserved by strategically partnering with Fusion Universal, a leading award winning e-learning company based in the UK.

Additionally, Uhuruone is working withvarious other partners, including Intel to address the knowledge gap to explore innovative solutions to facilitate the availability of affordable devices reducing barriers to the accessibility of e-services. In order to further reach the masses, UhuruOne looks to expand through a rollout of a 4G national wireless broadband network, which will be the one of the first of its kind in the world, catapulting Tanzania in terms of technological capabilities.