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Uhuruone Ltd, offers offerable residential packages that suite residential needs. The packages are mainly based on speed and have no GB limitations (which means that we are unlimited), hence providing uninterrupted streaming and internet service.

These packages are designed in way that make it easier for home users to choose according to their respective use. Hence making internet services more enjoyable, exciting and engaging to the user without any worry of overuse of MB’s or GB’s. Kindly visit our services column for more details and pricing.

Small Business

We do offer internet services specifically for small business, whereby we cater for needs of the customer per the size of the business. Here we do advice for the best quality and best capacity to fulfill the business in terms of speed and efficiency of the internet service.

Packages are available for such small scale business with good discounts, to ensure that the business strives and grows as we do understand the need of a customer, not just as a customer but a partner in building the economy of the nation. Hence please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer care for further details.


Uhuruone Ltd, also understand that we do have cooperate institutions who have higher demands and need reliable and high speed internet. Hence we do provide dedicated packages for such clients, which ensures reliable, secure services throughout their business.

The packages available ensure that we cover all your internet speeds and do burst up according to the demand to ensure that the company does not lose any speed or encounter any issues. Hence kindly visit our services column for further details and our customer care is open for any further questions.

Broadband 4 Wote

Broadband4wote is initially part of Uhuruone Company limited which mainly is committed in deploying the TVWS project initially into universities and colleges across the country. The aim is to primarily provide internet to the destined areas through the un-used TV bands which looks to serve many people after its successful completion.

Many of the colleges and universities like Open University in Tanzania (OUT), Institute for finance management (IFM), Institute of social works (ISW), Dar es Salaam school of journalism and mass communication (DSJMC) in Dar es Salaam have started enjoying the service.

We look to connect all students across the country through this new technology. We are open to any institute or university which is registered under any valid government agency i.e. NACTE in the country to join the project.